Your Perfect Golf Swing

Customized Golf Instruction to Improve Your Swing and Better Your Game

Highly Skilled

Dave is an incredibly skilled swing coach with a longstanding history of success. He has seen positive results in helping many individuals play their best golf.

Customized Approach

Instead of completely changing your style, Dave will help you make small, precise and personalized tweaks - allowing you to uncover your perfect swing.

Deeply Committed

Dave has a passion for golf and a love of coaching. He is extremely invested in those he coaches and is dedicated to helping you play golf at a higher level than ever before.

About Dave

Hey everyone. My name is Dave DeLano. Through my almost 30 years of golf I have found only one thing to be true; there is no perfect swing! There is only the perfect swing for YOU! I specialize in providing tailored golf swing instruction for each individual. 

Most golf instructors stick to a ‘one size fits all’ swing training method. Not me. My unique approach focuses on your individual style and physical attributes allowing each of you to turn your existing swing into your ‘perfect swing’. 

My golf studio allows us to focus on everything from swing mechanics, course management, chipping, putting and more! I am dedicated to helping each of you play the best golf of your lives!

"Where to start about Navy Dave! Since day one meeting Dave, he has made playing the game of golf fun and less stressful. Dave not only has helped me with my game by making minor changes, but has helped my fiancée with golf lessons. He makes minor changes to help you feel more natural playing while actually making the changes to make you a more natural golfer! Navy Dave is a golf coach who makes you feel comfortable while changing your game and bringing it to new heights! I couldn’t think of a better person to hire as a golf coach and instructor!"
Maxx Williams
Starting Tight End of the Arizona Cardinals

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