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Ask Navy Dave: Which Golf Clubs do You Recommend?

This week’s question comes from my buddy Mike in Texas.

Navy Dave,
I’m due for new golf clubs this winter. My wife is planning to buy me new ones for Christmas. Which ones do you recommend? Thanks for all your help

To answer Mike, here are my thoughts.

Just like every swing is different, there are thousands of different combinations of clubs. Graphite or steel, players club or distance club, blades or cavity back. Even if you are just a “weekend warrior”, before getting new clubs, you need to try a wide range of brands.

One of the best places to do this here in Arizona is 2nd swing golf. They have a wide variety of clubs and aren’t focused on driving you to a specific brand. Speak with a fitter there and let them know your goals. They can provide you options with different models and types of clubs and shafts. 

Hope this helps! Hit em well and hopefully less often.

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