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Ask Navy Dave: Which Golf Shaft Fits My Swing?


Which shaft fits my swing?


Most people think that the better player you are, the stiffer the club shaft you should have. Nothing could be farther from the truth! The next is the belief that swing speeds are the only way you pick the shaft stiffness…nope…And finally, If my driver is a certain stiffness, then my irons are gonna be the same…to quote Waterboy, “momma is WRONG again!” I will tell you that I have 4 different shaft stiffnesses and types in my golf bag.  I was fitted for my clubs. Each type of club; driver, 3 wood, 2 hybrids, irons and wedges have different shafts. 

This sounds super expensive but it’s really not. Think of working backwards from green to tee.  Unless you are under 30 putts a round, you may want to look at possibly changing your putter. 
Next, wedges should be on your radar. Why? Most amateurs aren’t going to hit a ton of greens in regulation. That means the quickest way to lower your scores is to get up and down within 100 yards more often. Next, the irons followed by hybrids/fairway woods and then driver.
There’s really no reason to change everything at once.

Hope this helps! Hit em well and hopefully less often.

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