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Why Navy Dave Golf?

There are no preconceived notions on what constitutes the perfect swing. I’m going to watch you and guide you to making your swing work better for you!

Do you give couples or group lessons?

Because I believe that each swing is unique to the individual, I don’t feel that group lessons would be beneficial to anyone in the group. I don’t want to make you swing MY way. I want to help YOUR swing work best for you!

Which lesson package should I purchase?

Just like the golf swing, there is no perfect fit, it’s whatever you feel would benefit you the most! If you live here full time, you might want the Admiral Package. Most of us find a new area of concern in our golf game every round! Once something clicks, something else decides to become difficult. Two lessons a month could be what works for you. If you are here seasonally, the Senior Officer Package could be the best.

Where are lessons given?

Lessons are given at my home in my climate controlled garage. The hitting bay is equipped with a top of the line simulator. There is also an iPad to catch and record your swing!

What do ‘smash factor’, ‘angle of attack’, ‘launch angle’ and other jargon mean?

DON’T WORRY ABOUT IT! One of the things that drew you to me is the avoidance of all that mess. We will go over your improvements and I will explain the numbers at the end. Our first goal is to get you swinging comfortably and not worrying about that stuff! If we focus on a number, it should be par or better!

When I get a lesson or a lesson package, how long do I have to use it?

All individual lessons and plans will be valid for 1 year.

Do you help with putting too?

Absolutely! I happen to have a putting green in the back for just such an opportunity!

Sign me up! Where do I book a lesson?