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March 2021 Newsletter


NavyDaveGolf is officially open! A special thank you to Warrior Rising for giving me the help I needed to turn my dream into a livelihood!

Okay, so what is NavyDaveGolf? Well, put simply, I’m here to help make the game of golf more ENJOYABLE! I am not dialed in to one “perfect” swing. I believe that most amateurs want to see improvements they can take to a course almost immediately. A lot of what I have seen in my 20+ years of golf is most instruction is built around the instructor’s idea of the perfect swing. If you are trying to build an entirely new swing, we can do that. It won’t be overnight though. If you want to hit the ball a little straighter, a little farther, we can get to that MUCH quicker because we are making small adjustments to YOUR swing. The key point is we are going to make YOUR swing work better for you! 

I have turned my garage into a state of the art hitting bay. You hit into a 12ft by 8ft screen with an HD picture and an overhead infrared camera that gives all the pertinent information about your contact. There is also a small sitting area where we can go over everything about the lesson! Now the only thing missing is YOU!

This monthly letter will be used to keep all informed of what is going on in the NavyDaveGolf world, accolades of students, outings, tournaments and many other tid bits that I hope you will enjoy!

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