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Admiral Package


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Designed for the “serious” amateur that lives locally and wants to lower his/her handicap or plays in money games and tournaments regularly.

How do you eat an entire elephant? One bite at a time…

So this package is a “total commitment” package. It’s designed around the golfer that wants to make a real change to her/his game and has the time, patience and dedication to do it. We are going to do our adjustments in increments. As we go through this program, you are still going to be enjoying your game! Why? It’s still YOUR swing! We are going to be working through necessary alterations that are going to unleash your perfect swing. This program is great for those that play in regular cash games. We can pick something specific to work on as soon as a day or two before your event. With the sessions being at least 45 minutes, we can use time to go over any course ( I can bring up flyovers or layouts as long as they are available on the internet) and we can devise strategies for the event. We can also work on different shot shapes ie. draw vs. fade, flighting the ball and changing distances with the same club.
I am willing to allow some of these lessons to be shared with immediate family. We will have to connect prior to the transfer. The course management rounds are not transferable.