Boot Camp (Designed for New Golfers)



Our Boot Camp Package is designed for NEW golfers who want to learn golf the correct way. These lessons will be 1 Hour in length.

The first lesson will focus on fundamental grip and stance, the starting point for any good swing. Students will start by NOT hitting a golf ball until closer to the end of the session. I promise, you will have FUN learning the NavyDaveGolf way! Frustration comes much farther into your golf career…  Another important note is to understand that no lesson will be less than 45 minutes. This allows for our time to be useful and not rushed.
A word of caution, there WILL BE HOMEWORK (or driving range-work). As we progress through your lessons, you will find the game will be far more enjoyable than if you went out and started “whacking” at the ball. Following lessons will happen on your timeline. With a year to use the lessons, you aren’t rushed.


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