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Chief Petty Officer Package


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Designed for the amateur that wants to lower his/her handicap and is willing to practice outside of lessons to improve. Also includes an on course lesson on course management.

This is one of our favorite packages due to the on course management round of golf that can be used any time after our second session. Many are often shocked at how quickly we can shave strokes off a round by leaving our pga professional in the car prior to going on the course! COULD you hit that shot? Yes. IS it the best idea? Probably not.
Six lessons (5 plus the on course) will give us the opportunity to improve EVERY part of your game. When I regularly shot in the low 90’s, I had a 300 yard drive (150 yards long and 150 yards left or right) and amazing iron shots(I was always amazed at how I got the ball to the UGLIEST spots on the course). The thing I could do was chip. As I got a bit better, I noticed my chipping started to get a little worse because I was hitting greens more often. I didn’t become a bad chipper, just wasn’t doing it as much throughout the round. As we develop your swing into your PERFECT swing, you will find there are going to be other parts of you game that will need some adjustments and that’s okay because we have the time to do it!