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Line Officer Package


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Designed for the amateur that lives locally and wants to lower his/her handicap or plays in money games and tournaments regularly. Also designed for the beginner that wants to become serious about golf.

Once you wave goodbye to your snowbird buddies…IT’S TIME TO GO TO WORK!!! Us locals usually channel our inner Gila monster and brave the sun to “work” on getting better before next prime season. Work was in quotations because we don’t practice with a purpose. If you’re practicing something you always are doing wrong, then you aren’t going to fix ANYTHING.  The definition of crazy is doing the same thing and expecting a different result. You aren’t crazy. This package offers us the opportunity to work on your swing in a temperature controlled space! We can work towards specific goals and build your game up so that you can take a few more skins from the “invaders from the north”.

Again, this is a package designed to help your game in a much cooler, figuratively and literally, way. This package also includes a round of golf (11 lessons and the round) so we can work on course management and decision making opportunities.