Senior Officer Package



Designed for the “serious” amateur that visits peak season and wants to lower his/her handicap or plays in money games and tournaments regularly.

Are you down here for the best winter weather for golf? Are there things you are struggling with and don’t know why? Have you been trying to digest a MOUNTAIN full of you tube tips, golf channel lessons and (the most painful) your buddy you just paid out six skins to telling you “you just need to keep your head down” comments? Relax, I got you.

This package is designed to build your game one block at a time.  We are going to silence all the extra “noise” that is keeping you from unleashing your best game.

An important part of this package is that we are making small adjustments to your core swing. You are going to see immediate improvements.

There are a few benefits here:

1. You are going to be getting “sneaky” better. Your buddies will see you’re improving but not see any drastic changes.

2. Understanding YOUR perfect swing will make the game more enjoyable.

3. Everything learned here will be broken down simple enough that, when you are back home, a quick review of a specific lesson and a drill can get you back on track.

Now maybe YOU are the one telling your buddy to keep HIS head down.


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