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Navy Dave Warrior Rising Raffle!


Chances of Winning the following:


Golf Lessons:

SWAG Items:

  • Warrior Rising Watch (Valued at $350) (2 Winners)
  • Navy Dave Golf Hat (Valued at $30) (5 Winners)

*All proceeds will be going to Warrior Rising*

Winners will be announced on Sunday, March 13th at 5 PM

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Hi Everyone! I wanted to make you all aware of an absolutely INCREDIBLE organization, Warrior Rising! They are a non-profit built by a Veteran for Veterans!  My story about getting back to living, not just surviving, is directly linked to this awesome organization. After retiring from the military, I struggled for two years trying to work in the “regular” workforce.  I slowly started not being able to do things like scheduling, budgeting, and communication. I ended up having an anxiety attack.  Shortly thereafter I was diagnosed with PTSD and fell into a major depression. The worst thing in the world (for me) was feeling like I did not have a purpose anymore.  A doctor asked what I liked to do. Aside from time with my family, the only thing I could think of was golf. Yes, I was actually prescribed golf by a doctor!!! I wanted to combine my love of golf with my love of helping others.  Warrior Rising helped me cultivate my “brainchild” from idea to my business. NavyDaveGolf Inc. was born! But make no bones about it, Warrior Rising isn’t about handouts. Instead, they helped cultivate an idea of a business into a viable entity. They offer training, mentoring, and grants. The support of veteran entrepreneurs or “vetrepenuers” like myself receive does not end at the presentation of a check. In fact, the camaraderie, openness, and truly invaluable advice of FAR more successful business men and women than me is a text, email, or phone call away any time it is needed.  Please buy a raffle ticket (or 5) to help this 501(c)(3). YOU can help ensure Warrior Rising can continue turning dreams into a sustainable future for as many vetrepenuers as possible! We don’t want any handouts, we want the opportunity to succeed! YOU can help make that happen!