Where to start about Navy Dave! Since day one meeting Dave, he has made playing the game of golf fun and less stressful. Dave not only has helped me with my game by making minor changes, but has helped my fiancée with golf lessons. He makes minor changes to help you feel more natural playing while actually making the changes to make you a more natural golfer! Navy Dave is a golf coach who makes you feel comfortable while changing your game and bringing it to new heights! I couldn’t think of a better person to hire as a golf coach and instructor!

Maxx Williams
Starting Tight End of the Arizona Cardinals

Navy Dave is great to work with. He takes a few looks at your swing and makes little adjustments to make you improve every time you work with him. When I first met Dave, I was shooting in the mid 90’s. Fast forward to today, and I’m shooting in the mid to low 80’s consistently, and even had a few rounds in the 70’s. I have gotten to the point where if I have a bad shot, I know exactly what I did wrong and I can correct it on my own. Because of Navy Dave, I have a new appreciation towards golf and enjoy every minute out on that golf course. If you are a beginning golfer or just someone who is looking shave a few strokes of your golf game, I strongly suggest working with Navy Dave. He is a lot of fun to work with, has great knowledge of the game, and will improve your golf game. Navy Dave is a great coach, but an even better friend.

Zac Epping

Dave Delano's insight into what I was doing with my golf swing and my golf game, and then his adjustments, small ones, have me enjoying the game of golf more and more. I truly believe anyone who commits to what Dave sees that could help their golf game will be enjoying and playing their best golf ever. I'm 66 years old and I thought because of aging, my game was on the way down. I was wrong, Dave Delano has me playing my best golf of my life. Thank you Dave Delano.

Paul Thomforde

Thank you Navy Dave. I am playing the best golf in my life. Have had many lessons in the past but I had so many bad habits, those lessons actually made me play worse. Trying to totally change my swing didn’t work for me. Dave had me just focus on a few things and when I mastered those, he added a few more. It was simple only needing to concentrate on a couple of things - and that made me want to do better instead of getting totally frustrated. Would recommend Navy Dave as he really understands what will help your swing and was very patient when he worked with me. Thanks Dave!

Gene Coffman

Dave’s approach to the game of golf is amazing. I was fighting a terrible slice and lack of distance with my driver. With a few simple changes to my golf swing and working through a negative attitude that was not helping, Dave came through. We spent a few hours hitting balls in a simulator. With no major changes to my swing (more posture, minor adjustments to my grip and an adjustment to my attitude), Dave set me straight. I am now hitting the ball longer with greater accuracy than I have ever before. I am 64 years old and just thought due to age I was lacking distance and accuracy,. Not true. If you're looking to improve your golf game with simple, practical lessons and tips, Dave is your guy. I highly recommend Dave for all your swing improvement needs, not to mention attitude adjustments as needed!

Cos Ianelli